Seoul fortune Wheel

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Macki Lafontaine said...

I took my chance because I liked 5/10 of the items on the wheel. I really wanted the silver mini red belt but I ended up getting the glitzy black cocktail dress which is fine as well. So in total I only spent 2bps! My tip would be count how many you like on the wheel and spin once (:

Jackie Taylor said...

I only had the green and white stockings so that was the one item that I hoped that I didn't get again. Of course I got it on the first spin, and the second spin! I did collect the purse and the shoes so its all good. I will try again for at least an outfit or a boy friend. I hope I don't get the umbrella instead-Lol.

Anemone said...

I got the umbrella 3 times and the bf 3 times
FUCK. MY. LIFE!!!!!!!

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