Mastery Guide for the Jindo Tab

You must complete Diamond Mastery for the National Assembly of South Korea event before you can do events in this tab!

Gwanghwamun Plaza
Bronze: 100 influence
Silver: ₩90
Gold: ₩180
Platinum: [no award]
Needed to Diamond: Have ₩18,000 on hand

Diamond: Silver Rainbow Beaded Cuff (charm: 15 pop: 12 )

Myeongnyang Strait
Bronze: ₩100
Silver: 100 influence
Gold: ₩200
Platinum: 150 influence & 1 Brownie Point
Task Needed to Diamond: Complete the Grand Drum Ensemble Dancer task 2 times (2 Days per task)

Diamond: Hot Pink Floral Fan (charm: 20 pop: 6)

Seomang Beach
Bronze: ₩125
Silver: ₩250
Gold: 100 influence
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Hot Pink Floral Fan

Diamond: Tasseled Coin Purse (charm: 8 pop: 21)

Dog Research Center
Bronze: ₩150
Silver: ₩300
Gold: 1 Skill Point
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Tasseled Coin Purse

Diamond: Ornate Seoul Braids (charm: 22 pop: 7)

Jindo Sea Way
Bronze: 150 influence
Silver: ₩175
Gold: ₩350
Platinum: 1 Skill Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Ornate Seoul Braids

Diamond: K-Pop Music Video Outfit (Charm: 7 pop: 22)


Tin-tin said...

the K-Pop Music Video Outfit is very cute. ♥ it

Seth Kaiba said...

G? As ins Girl's Generation?

ImnotHaylee Green said...

can u put up links for the korean items and ive tried to add u on fb but u have maxium friends PLEASE DELETE ONE PERSON JUST ONE????

Princess Mia (SLTips) said...

What's your FB name? I'll add you.

Prince Army said...

 yes!! it's Girls' Generation Outfit in their MV Oh!

Seth Kaiba said...

 Oh! Really? I like that music vid. I really have a bad memory. -.-

Thecatzmeoow said...

 Please add me : Sun Beam

CollegeResumeTips said...

Interesting site

John Akira Alviarne said...

what's the next SA...i hope its on Manila or in Berlin

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