Tips and Hints

Upgrade jobs - You should always be looking for a better job so you can quit your old one to find a job that pays better. Remember, you must have the money to take the training before you can get a new job. So make sure you save some of that shopping money for your training.

Bank Sorority Life money – It is a good idea to put your money in the bank. When other people attack you, they can take your money. The only way to keep them from taking your money is by putting it in the bank. However, before you can open a bank account, you must have 1,000 in cash.
Stay healthy – It is important to stay healthy in the game or else you will not be able to fight.
Sorority Life fans – To find more Sorority Life sisters to add, join the various Sorority Life fan pages and groups. These are filled with people looking to increase their sisterhood. There you can send invites to members without worrying if you are bugging them and you’ll be able to post your profile to the wall so they can add you too.
Socialize often – You will need to socialize as much as you can. This is a great way to earn money.
Buy new clothes – Buying new clothes as soon as you get money is a good idea. The better you look, the more votes you will get.
Don’t annoy friends – While your playing the Sorority Life game it may prompt you to post announcements to your Facebook profile so your Facebook friends can see it. You may want to totally disable all automatic postings or requests from Sorority Life to post to your wall as it can be annoying to your friends if it happens too much.
Level up fast – Level up as quickly as you can. The higher your Sorority Life level, the more you can unlock.
Visit the spa – When your health is falling, visit the spa to get it back up. Before you can visit the spa you’ll need to have checking account so make sure you make this a priority too.
Beware of glam – Be careful when buying glam because some glam requires upkeep. Make sure you have enough money to maintain it; otherwise, you’ll soon be in debt.
Help your sisters – Make it a point to assist your Sorority Life sisters and send them gifts. Doing so will help you indirectly earn more cash and brownie points and they’ll be more inclined to help you along the way too.
Browsing speed – Sometimes Sorority Life pages may load very slowly or freeze. If this is happening often, you may want to try a faster browser such as Opera or Google Chrome while playing this game.
Befriending sisters – Adding new Sorority Life sisters is an important part of the game but you don’t want to send out tons of invites and get banned. To help avoid this issue and let the person know why you are sending them a friend request, include a short message with every invite. A simple note like “Sorority Life” or “Sorority Life add” will suffice.

Here is a link where you can find many sisters:


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