Sorority Life for beginners

Getting started in the game requires that you create your character. When your game first loads, you will need to type your name and then select the style of your character. Once you have created your character, your game will load and you can begin playing. Note that once you create your name and start playing the game, you cannot change your name.

Changing your name – Once you have started the Sorority Life game, you cannot change your name. However, if the house mom thinks your name is not appropriate, she can change at any time and there is nothing you can do about it.

Changing your style – Any time you get bored with your character’s style, you can change it. All you need to do is click the My Style tab at the top of your game. Once the page loads, you will need to click the tabs on that page to see the different categories. Make your changes and then click the Save button. That will change the look of your character.
Sorority Life stats – You can quickly view your stats in Sorority Life by clicking the My Stats link in the information box at the top of your game. This is the box with your character, cash, and other information. Once you click the link, the page will reload and you can view your stats.
Sorority Life sections – There are many tabs located at the top of your screen while your playing Sorority Life. Below you will find a brief description of each section of the game.
  • Main Menu – The main menu is where you will go to see if you have any new messages, who has voted for you, and where you will see any new news feeds.
  • Socialize – This is where you will need to go to organize events. Organizing events will help you earn brownie points. This page will show you all of the events and what is required for each event.
  • Job – This is where you go to train for jobs and get a job. Getting a job is how you earn cash in the game. On this page you will also see your financial information.
  • Bank – The bank is where you will need to go to deposit money and withdraw money. You must have 10,000 in cash to be able to open a banking account.
  • House Mom – This is where you go to see how many brownie points you have. There are also ways to earn more brownie points on this page.
  • Fight – This is where you go to fight. Fighting will earn you more cash. You will notice that there are two tabs on this page. You have the rival tab and the burn list tab. The rival tab will allow you to see the girls you can fight. The burn list tab will allow you to see girls that have made enemies. These girls are being targeted.
  • Glam – The glam page will list all of the stuff you own as far as accessories, outfits, and boyfriends. It will also show some of the things you can buy.
  • Spa – If your confidence level falls, you can come to the spa to get it up quickly, but you must have a bank account in order to stay at the spa.
  • My House – You can visit the house tab to invite people to play. You can also see how big your house is and how many members you have.
  • My Self – This is where you go to view your stats. You can increase your stats on this page. To increase them, you will have to use skill points.
  • My Style – This is where you go to view your character and change the way you look. You can change everything about your character in this section.
  • Catwalk – This is where you go to vote for other players.
  • In Crowd – This page will list the top players of Sorority Life.
Negative money – Being in debt can be caused by a couple of different things. One potential source of debt is glam. You may have purchased glam that requires upkeep. If this is the case, then you may not have enough money to pay for the upkeep. To solve this problem you will need to get a better job or sell some of that specific glam. Another reason you may be losing money is attacks. If people are attacking you then that can put you in debt. You can visit the Main Menu and look at the feeds to see who is attacking you.
Viewing Sorority Life inventory – To view all of your inventory in Sorority Life, click the My Self tab and scroll down the page to select the Inventory box.
Bookmark Sorority Life – If you want to easily access your Sorority Life game, you can bookmark it. At the top of your screen, you will see the Bookmark button. Click that button and the game will be added to your bookmarks.
Sorority Life work– One of the ways to earn cash in Sorority Life is by getting a job. Before you can get a job, you must train for that job and pay for the training classes. You can see the available jobs by clicking the Job tab at the top of your screen. Select a job you want and take the class. Once the class is finished, you will begin earning your paycheck. You’ll be able to see how much each job pays beforehand. You will also see how long it will take you to earn each paycheck and how expensive your training will be.
Before you can get a new job, you must quit your old job. To quit your old job, click the Job tab at the top of the screen. Then click the Quit Job button beside the job you want to quit. Then you can select another job and begin the training.
Glam – You can buy glam and you can sell glam. Glam is not cheap by any means, but it is needed for things like socializing events. To buy glam, you will need to click the Glam tab located at the top of your screen. Scroll down the page a bit and you will see the different categories and the items you can buy. Click the Buy button to buy items. Most of the items require you to be on a higher level to purchase things. If you want to sell your items you can, but you will only be able to sell them at half the price that you bought them. So, be wise when selling your glam.

Glam upkeep – Some glam items require that you pay so much by the hour to keep the glam. This is known as Glam Upkeep. If you have these items, a certain amount of money will be deducted from your hourly wage. So, be careful when buying glam that has to be maintained. If you buy too many of these items, you may run out of money just by paying for these.


suzanne said...

my sister tell me that this game is based on mafia wars. her suggestion, and i agree, is that if you want to fight you should have to choose it, like choosing to play in the intramurals. some of us would rather not fight and are here for the clothes. in addition, when you are trying to pitch in in the philanthropy portion, it really sucks when someone attacks you incessantly making it frustrating and nearly impossible to complete pitching in.

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