Year of the Snake - 12 BP Gala

The year of the Snake is almost upon us! Treat yourself to some knockout slithering looks! Collect all 8 Exclusive Items to receive a special Bonus from the House Mom!


sarah said...

I won 200 bps on casino, i used all of them points on this and i only got 6 out of 8 which means i got mutli of 1 thing.. i dont think thats right, if u get one thing it should be taken out so u dont get it again considering its 12 bps and normally people would have to spend real money getting the bps :)

zdrthfxdgh said...

jeez thts so unfair..... i stored 66 BPs n spent most on this, i got 5 different glams but the only 2 i want are among the 3 i didnt get, very bad luck. AND ITS FREAKING EXPENSIVE!

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