Victoria Falls Mastery Guide

You must complete Diamond Mastery for the Kruger National Park event before you can do events in Victoria Falls!

Flight of Angels
Bronze: 100 influence
Silver: Ksh90
Gold: Ksh180
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Needed to Diamond: Have Ksh18,000 on hand
Diamond: Wire Beaded Bracelet (charm: 15 pop: 10 )

Land of the Giants
Bronze: Ksh100
Silver: 100 influence
Gold: Ksh200
Platinum: 150 influence & 1 Brownie Point
Task Needed to Diamond: Complete the Embassy Intern task 2 times (2 Days per task)
Diamond: Zulu Dancing Bells (charm: 15 pop: 20 )

White Water Rafting
Bronze: Ksh125
Silver: Ksh250
Gold: 100 influence
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Zulu Dancing Bells
Diamond: Purple Striped Nairobi Purse (charm: 25 pop: 18 )

Bungee Jumping
Bronze: Ksh150
Silver: Ksh300
Gold: 1 Skill Point
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Purple Striped Nairobi Purse
Diamond: Wild Child Curls (charm: 29 pop: 12 )

Bronze: 150 influence
Silver: Ksh175
Gold: Ksh350
Platinum: 1 Skill Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wild Child Curls
Diamond: Zulu Dance Ensemble (charm: 16 pop: 34 )


tin-tin said...

well at least the hair is something.. :D that purse, isn't it somewhat out of place?

Aya Seth said...

I want the hair! Fortunately I only need some tickets to finish. :D

Aveigne Cruz said...

Ugh* i didn't receive my 1BP reward after i've finished Flight of Angels in Platinum Mastery. How's that?? Thats really unfair!!!!!

Manuela Valentini said...

I didn't get the ensemble but the last event shows as mastered!

tin-tin said...

me too..i didn't get my bp for that event..

John Akira Alviarne said...

just finished African safari... i hope that the next SA will be something that is out of this world like Video game themed SA or Super hero...just suggesting

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