Mastery Guide for Barceloneta Tab

You must complete Diamond Mastery for the Sagrada Familia event in "The Rocks" tab before you can do events in this tab!

Mediterranean Stroll 
Bronze: 100 influence
Gold: A$180
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Needed to Diamond: Have A$18,000 on hand 
Diamond: Statement Surfboard Necklace (charm: 16, pop: 8)

Homenatge a la Barceloneta
Bronze: €100
Silver: 100 influence
Gold: €200
Platinum: 150 influence & 1 Brownie Point
Task Needed to Diamond: Complete the Pyrenees Hike Leader task 2 times (2 Days per task) 
Diamond: Hugs and Kisses Platforms (charm: 27, pop: 22) 

Gypsy Love Beads
Bronze: €125
Silver: €250
Gold: 100 influence
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Hugs and Kisses Platforms
Diamond: Train Window Satchel (charm: 19 pop: 28) 

Peix d'Or
Bronze: €150
Silver: €300
Gold: 1 Skill Point
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Train Window Satchel
Diamond: Brunette Beach Shag (charm: 25 pop: 21)

Don Quixote Lives
Bronze: 150 influence
Silver: €175
Gold: €350
Platinum: 1 Skill Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Brunette Beach Shag
Diamond: Hazy Daisy Blouse with Boot Cuts (Charm: 30 pop: 22)


Nikki Gutierrez said...

in Creating Your Workshop on the Eixample tab, how can complete it if I don't have the spiky bracelets? I need help.

Shenee Renfro said...

you will have to craft 3 of the spiky bracelets in the design internship in order to complete it. unfortunately there is no other way to get them.

Angela Johnson said...

I have finished all of Barcalona but I still have 3 puzzle pieces left I even finished this one and got that ungly fit cute shoes though how do I get the 3 puzzle pieces if i finish all the tabs

Joanne Tsikelas Picariello said...

U should be able to just click on the blank puzzle pieces...

Jessica Rae said...

here we go again with the bugs in the game its eating the tickets cant do fashion week grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

John Akira Alviarne said...

how can i be assured that i can get the bonus in fashion week?

John Akira Alviarne said...

what a trip! thanks for goin' to Barcelona...i hope next is in a desert country like Cairo, Egypt so that I can have another round of desert glams!

John Akira Alviarne said...

why not Asian countries like in Manila, Philippines or in Bangkok, Tahiland

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