Summer Trunk Show: 12 BP Gala

An up and coming designer has arrived on Campus with some super cute sample sizes! Collect all 8 Exclusive Items to receive a special Bonus from the House Mom!


Kristina Marie Browning said...

Spent 36 and got 2 textured curls and the belted gown

Sandranette said...

Spun 4 times:
1. Belted Bursts of Floral Gown
2. Beach Blonde Low Bun with Headband
3. Striped Hanging Lilies
4. Flirty Summer Folk Frock

This gala loves me - and I return its feelings... <3

amanda said...

did this two times, got the bag and shoes :( gala hates me.

derkamoep said...

why are people wasting their money for virtual clothes? you could easily buy real clothes for that money that you spend to buy browniepoints. pathetic.

Emily said...

Idk about u guys but i think everything in this gala is adorbs!! <3

Chaosnmotion said...

Last time I checked it's a free country, my money and I can spend it on whatever I please :)

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