Resortwear Gala - 2 BP Event

Get some great stuff on sale right here! Buy a raffle ticket from the House Mom to win a shopping spree at the mall and be the best dressed girl in class!


Barbara Carolina said...

Always putting shity stuff, why??????????????? the green dress is the worst! Whenever you click to get sth, you end getting a shit stuff!!!!!! is a waste of BP's

Kristina Marie Browning said...

Spent 20 BP's and got Pageant hair, 2 green dresses, 4 Fedora, Bardot Outfit, Pink Bag and white glasses... don't understand why at least half of it isn't new stuff... Wish this game would realize if you give a little you would gain so much more.. I would buy BP's for galas and such if it wasn't for the getting multiples of the same think over and over... one day maybe the developers will smarten up and actually start listening to the players!!!

Rachael McClafferty said...

I got the Orange and White dress and teh striped headscarf. 

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