Upcoming Sorority Glam


Rstennisirby said...

This is some great glam hope I can get it

Marishka said...

The only thing in the picture I like is that floral cocktail dress.
The rest is either weird (the two long dresses) or looks like someone got those items out of a chest of plain, washed-out 70s clothing from his attic. And the hair is to short for such a heavy Alice band, let alone that is really nothing special.
I like that band itself, though. It would have been great with voluminous hair in a bright red, or even in a really dark, blueish purple... *dream*

But eventually I am not pleased with it. Get. Some. Taste. Playdom.

leymcc said...

the long black dress with the gold details is Jessica Chastians outfit from the Oscars, she was a lot of peoples pick as best dressed

Sanna Kansa said...

Where are these dresses from? From Heart to heart?

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