Mastery Guide for the Bollywood Tab

Note: You must complete Diamond Mastery for the Rest and Relaxation event in Calcutta before you can do events in this tab.
A Live Musical Production
Bronze: 100 influence
Silver: Rs 90
Gold: Rs 180
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Needed to Diamond: Have Rs 18,000 on hand
Diamond: Orange Cuff (charm: 10 pop: 9) 
Making Adjustments
Bronze: Rs 100
Silver: 100 influence
Gold: Rs 200
Platinum: 150 influence & 1 Brownie Point
Task Needed to Diamond: Complete the Sari Draper Task 2 times (2 Days per task)
Diamond: White Studded Shoes (charm: 15 pop: 13) 
Flash Mob!
Bronze: Rs 125
Silver: Rs 250
Gold: 100 influence
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the White Studded Shoes
Diamond: Sitar(charm: 9 pop: 12)
Opening Night
Bronze: Rs 150
Silver: Rs 300
Gold: 1 Skill Point
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Sitar
Diamond: Short Sassy Hairdo (charm: 12 pop: 17) 
Touring America
Bronze: 150 influence
Silver: Rs 175
Gold: Rs 350
Platinum: 1 Skill Point
Glam Needed to Diamond: Wear the Short Sassy Hairdo
Diamond: Embroidered Dress Outfit (charm: 26 pop: 16)


Barbara Carolina said...

I didn´t like the outfit, the girl looks fat!

Sara Saz Alana Paxton said...

Disappointment ):

Sara Saz Alana Paxton said...

I dont even like the craft int rewards (except for the bridal neckwear)... only the puzzle pieces were worth giving a shot and the rewards from helping in sisters' philanths..

Jil said...

Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. the dress and shoes especially, look horrible on the avi.

Jrosales_88 said...

awful! totally disappointment!!! looks like she put a lot of clothes together but neither match to each other

Ciao Bella 6 said...

Eww this shits ugly... but I'll do it anyway

Kristina Marie Browning said...

OMG.. what is the point.. awful... so disappointed with this one!!

Avi Habibi said...

fairytale adventures glam, crafts and philanthropy rewards were 1000000000 times more better than bollywood

LindzAroo said...

 Completely disagree

Alison said...

I wish the outfit was a cuter dress and the pants weren't under it. The hair just looks kinda messy.

Kathleen Baldwin said...

I like it!  Especially the shoes!  :D

Avi Habibi said...

u mean u like bollywood more than fairytale adventures ??

Cristina said...

please can somebody help i get the blue printed clutch to unlock 4th tab if design internship just let me get 1st item that is kashimiri cricket bat??

Tin said...

its a fashion disaster!!

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