Upcoming Sorority Glam Sneak Preview


Soro Live said...


Marishka said...

So that fawnish-golden dress on the right unfortunately appears to be the new casino prize... *sigh*
They seem to be quite into peach-like/beige colours now - why not?
I really consider buying that blazer-and-black-trousers combination, but I also really love that gown next to it...~
Unlike many other players who get annoyed by PDs massive featuring of formals, I am always quite excited about them! This is playing with cut-out-dolls after all, so why not go for extraordinary outfits? Looking forward to this! ✿✿✿

Stefanie Green said...

Looks like the bracelet, the tights, the black & beige bag, the shoes, the glasses and the outfit in the middle could be a 5 day gifting event :)

Ewgirl2003 said...

I really hope that she 5day gifting is completed by outfit with the cheeta cardy(love it!) and not by the black dress to its right.

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