St. Petersburg Mastery Guide

You must complete Diamond Mastery for the Cafe Pushkin event before you can do events in St. Petersburg!

Peter and Paul Fortress
Bronze: 100 influence
Silver: 90 Rubles
Gold: 180 Rubles
Platinum: 1 Brownie Point
Diamond: Ski Goggles (ch: 12 pop: 10) 
Summer Garden
Bronze: 100 Rubles
Silver: 100 influence
Gold: 2000 Rubles
Platinum:  150 influence
Diamond: Ski Boots (ch: 16 pop: 6) 
Zoological Museum
Bronze: 125 Rubles
Silver: 250 Rubles
Gold: 100 influence
Platinum:  1 Brownie Point
Diamond: Arctic Wolf Cub (ch: 8 pop: 15)
Mariinsky Theater
Bronze: 150 Rubles
Silver: 300 Rubles
Gold: 1 Skill point
Platinum:  1 Brownie Point
Diamond: Shiny Ski Outfit (ch: 11 pop: 19)
Gold Valley
Bronze: 150 influence
Silver: 175 Rubles
Gold: 350 Rubles
Platinum:  1 Skill point
Diamond: Fleece Hat and Ponytail (ch: 16 pop: 7)


Melody said...

how many times do i need to complete the circus task?

Soro Live said...

WHERE CAN  I FIND THE Cafe Pushkin evenT ?

Eortega8 said...

where is this at

Lizzy Martínez said...

2 times

Elizabeth Davis said...

I beat this today. So happy. I wish I could find something to match the cute hat with.

Axelarco said...

I didnt get the hair and the ski boots, while already did the events and got come? could you help me amelia?

Andrea Chapa said...

Lol, i only mastered 2 events to get the fleece hat!! :)

Hannah said...

st petersburg.

Lilangelxoxo102 said...

you unlock it after you complete all four categories in moscow(north,south,west&east) :)

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