Painting Mix-up Encore - Off Campus event

More mixed up paintings, get them back to their original state! Read more to see the mastery rewards..

Click to get a better view

Click to get a better view
To reach the Diamond level you need 70 Bp's and 2 energy per event.
Random Glam:
Leather and Lace Bag
Fancy Wrapped Pearls
Mastery Rewards:
Bronze level: 100 Influence Points
Silver level: 1 skill point
Gold level: 2 Brownie points
Platinum level: Sweet Black Dress
Diamond level: Blue Grecian Dress


Nilia Ruiz said...

the 2 bps r per lvl or per play?

Aariana Yxz said...

how bps needed to complete the whole game?

Aariana Yxz said...

sorry you did said on the post. miss it. but do you by any chance know the stat of the glam?

Nessie Reynoso said...

lol you need 2BP per game.  just estimated 8-10Bp per lvl. finished the bronze with 8BP

AmYr said...

per play....

Flyingfree_41 said...

for a total of 70 bps all together ladies....

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