Heart to Heart Boutique

Win great prizes for cash or brownie points! Check out the boutique! under Campus tab.

You can win 1 prize from each box! Spin each box until you get a prize you want. In the first attempt you have one free spin. See the box below.

Once you use that spin, every next spin will cost $50000 cash. See the box below.
Getting a key unlocks the next box AND a free spin! See the box below.
Preview possible prizes by clicking the magnifying glass. Once each box shows the prize you want to keep, click Claim Prize and fill up your wardrobe! 

  • You do not actually earn the prize displayed until you click the "Claim Prize" button.
  • If you want the stop the spinning, you can hit the "Claim prize" button and review the gifts you won. After this, the game will RESET and you may have to start spinning from the 1st slot.
Preview of the prizes:


michelle h said...

i have brownie points, got a key and it wont let me go any further. i'm confused. it just keeps spinning the key amd wont lt me do anything else/ what am i suppossd to do. when i try to do the next one for the brownie pts its says whoops you dont have enough but i do? ... ??????

Angela said...

ya I got 3 keys so far and the only box open is the 1st one.

kali said...

GUYS! when you get the key, it UNLOCKS the next box which you have to use brownie points for, and lets you have a free spin on the box you were already spinning.

Cappis said...

so i spin and keep getting the same gift over and over - is anyone lese having this problem?

Lianafu said...

Woah... got a weird white heart locket. :P

Sunshine Starlet said...

yes, i am too. Everyday. ......  i don't plan on spending a bunch of bp's to unlock all the spin wheels, but it'd be nice to get what's offered on the first one.

Katie said...

Yeah and it sucks. I gave up. I'm not wasting my bps on a crappy game

brooke said...

for the first box i just keep getting the same firework thing over and over.....
waste of time so far haha.

Xxxxxxxxx said...

this thing sucks.

Sylverlilly said...

For anyone with enough BP but saying you dont have enough and it is stuck on the same prize here is the issue. DONT use internet explorer. Use Firefox. Problem solved.

Emma Iulia said...

lol I got all of them unlocked. Won the purple clutch, the blonde hair on the 4th one, the flower bracelet on the 3rd one, all of them on the first, and from the 3rd one only the heart bracelet, the heart pandant, and the blue shoes.
the purple clutch has 26 charm and 13 pop;  the flower blacelet - 23 charm and 10 pop, and the hair 11 charm and 24 pop. So the 5th one has good items; but to get there is a long way. :| spent all my 17 bp :-<

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