Vintage Gala: Steampunk Mixer!

Your House is having a Steampunk-themed mixer with a Fraternity on campus. Get ready for the party by having the best costume in your Sorority! Collect all 8 Exclusive Items to receive a special Bonus from the House Mom!
Reward Glam:

Grand Prize: Steampunk Bustled Gown (charm 50, pop 50)


Kyasarin said...

You're missing the trenchcoat... I was around for this gala when it came out for 12 BP. Also I'm pretty sure the Pink Pearls outfit is the grand prize.

Princess_Mia said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I added the missing glam. I think the Bustled Gown is the grand prize because it has the highest charm & pop out of the items..

Meghan Moulton said...

GAH! I want everything! The only ones I was able to get are the motorbike and boyfriend. :( It's taking me FOREVER to get enough BP's to play again. :(

RochChaCha said...

I collected a few of these the first time around. I got the Pink Pearls outfit 3 times and the Desert Chic 2 times.  I finally gave up. After that many BP and only two outfits to show for it, it just isn't worth it.  Actually , with most of the surprise box events, I only go for one or two items for that reason.  If I thought I could actually collect all of the items (one of each), I would do it.  But getting 3 of the same thing in a row?  Forget it.

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