Charity Golf Tournament - 5 day event

Time to get golfing for a good cause!
Links for each item will be added everyday.  
Collect all the 5 items and get the Charity Golf Tournament outfit!

Collect Amelia's Charity Golf items >>
Collect Lilly's Charity Golf items >>


Leslie Patrick said...

Thx for the last part ahead of time :)

LexiHerHottness said...

Okay well i want the golf visor(3 of 5) but it won't let me!
Do i need to be your sister or something?
I haven't been to this website before, so please clue me in!

Brian said...

I have everything - but someone told me you had to have TWO of each item in order to collect the outfit - is this true?

onime said...

2 of each item? i dont think thats right even when i didnt have the items n my sisters sent them to me they never had to send 2 items for me to get the outfit as long as you have 1 of each item then go to our collections you will/should get the outfit iv even gotten outfits that here expired with my sis

Tricia Miller said...

Thanks so much, you are a "lifesaver"!!

Soph said...

you do have to be friends yes:)

Sunshine said...

yup, that's for real. It's a good thing we can go to sites like this if we're to lazy to accept excess gifts ^^

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