Casablanca Philanthropy Guide

As Casablanca is just moments away from unlocking for everyone, here is what you'll want to know about Philanthropy; it is similar to the Intramurals feature, but with a few key differences...
 You have a series of charitable goals that you have to complete, starting with Entertain the Children. You can choose to use either your Charm stats or your Popularity stats when Pitching In, and will make more progress depending which way your character has been built. Casablanca items will also affect the amount of progress per "Pitch In".

The main difference from Intramurals is that you will only ever directly Pitch In on your own Goal, but if you join your sisters Goals, your progress on your own Goal will also be added to their Goal. Additionally, you have to have a certain number of sisters join each goal in order to complete it, and any progress that those sisters make after joining you will be added to your Goal progress. You can only be helping 10 sisters with their goals at a given time.

You always get a reward when completing your own goals. You can also get rewards when helping sisters complete their goals, and the more stars that you have, the better chance you have of getting a great prize.

By Whitney, Playdom Community Manager

Philanthropy Goal Rewards
Entertain Children: 1x Fragrance Diffuser
Beautify Beach: 1x Silver Lariat Necklace (ch 11, pop 10)
Replant a Palm Forest: 1x White Diamond Print Bag (ch 13, pop 10)
Paint a Mural: 1x Pink Silk Scarf Shoes (ch 11, pop 15)
Renovate Historic Buildings: 1x Yellow & Black Modern Dress (ch 12, pop 18)



i love the modern black dress!!! so gorgeous!!! :D

Lori-Ann Nnairol said...

How many times do you have to complete each project?

Natasha Tiara Bernadette said...

in fact, the time is not unlimited. so, we are free to finish it up whenever ...

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