Keepsakes Collection Guide

Pledge Collection - under House tab

You will receive:

Powder Puff Football Collection - under campus tab

You will receive:

Charity Car Wash Collection - under off campus tab

You will receive:

Spring Break Collection - under vacation tab

You will receive:

Fall Semester Spruce-Up Collection - under campus tab

You will receive:

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Edith said...

do you have the flirty shorts collection?

Feliciag1 said...

Any way I can get the gray cardigan for the blue skirt collection?

Songbird said...

If anyone is looking for info on the Coffee Break collection (Downtown) then plz know that the prize is a "military cardigan and skirt".  It wouldn't be so bad if it wasnt purple and gold...yuck...Not that impressive or worth spending the energy on.

Elizabeth Gatto said...

I need the white button-down shirt from the class sweetheart collection. If you have one please send it to me I am a friend of Lilly and am in her house. my name is Elizabeth Gatto and my sorority life name is lizzy18 

Uschi said...

Do you have the summer hippie collection?

Cathi Allen said...

I have all of the "Ruffeled Olive Jacket Collection" except for the Heathered Tank Top, can any-one help, please. I've been requesting this item for 2 months now.

LaKesha Lewis Ross said...

Cathi...I have an extra Heathered Tank Top. Let me know if you're still looking for it.

LaKesha Lewis Ross said...

Uschi, I have the summer hippie collection? Would you be willing to trade for a collection I don't have? Please let me know.


Can u still get items from an expired collection? Just found out about the keepsakes,lol never knew. Any help with the links for collections would be greatly appreciated :) I do need sister feel free to add me

Xoe said...

Do anyone has spare "secret password & Pledge Menu" in pledge collection.I have played so many times but didn't get these. Plus "A helmet" in Football collection. Thank yOu so much

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