County Fair Collection!

The County Fair is in town! Get ready for some funnel cake and cotton candy!
Links for each item will be added everyday.  
Collect all the 5 items and get the County Fair Outfit!


Collect From Amelia
Collect From Lilly


Deanna said...

These have all expired, along with the Lion King one and the Other school collection..

Jesjerzjes said...

i guess these expired because the event is no longer available =/ well at least my sisters get to wear this fabulous outfit =D

amanda said...

So....I have all the items, but I dont have the outfit....any suggestions???

Phaltoots said...

Looks like I'm too late, again, lol....these items have expired....whn trying the purse and hair; idk about the others but it did seem to be the themed phrase I was getting. Just a heads up Sisters/Misters.

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