Tips for voting your sisters and...yourself!

Do you want to vote for your sisters in Costume Contests but desperate that there is no way to find your sister's costume? Are you tired of finding them and asking them what they are wearing? Here's a way to vote for your sisters in a Costume Contest (double vote too) without getting tired of running around and asking them.

Step 1: Click your sister's name from the sisters list on the right. Then you will see 3 contestants including your sister. You don't know what your sister is wearing.

Step 2: Vote for a costume you like best (It is a Costume Contest after all..)
Step 3 : Now you will see the names of the 3 contestants including your sister's name. Memorize her style and everything she's wearing.

Step 4: Now click again your sisters name from the sisters list. You will see 3 contestants including your sister again.
Step 5: Now you can remember what she looks like and you can vote her again. 

Step 6: You will note that her number of votes have turned 14 to 15 votes and you can repeat the steps 4 and 5 to double vote her.

Did you know that you can vote for yourself in the Costume Contest?! You can find your name on the sisters list on the right and cast double vote on yourself by following the steps I explained.
Also, you can cast one vote for yourself if you are in a walk-off. 

Maybe you people already know about this voting tip but I hope you will find it useful :)


guest said...

 or you can click 2-3 times on your sister and see which girl repeats herself

guest said...

yep, that's what I do too

km raphela said...

how do i vote 4 all sisters walkoffs coz it only shows 10 sisters....and theres no white arrow at the bottom like on the costume contest page. is there any update? pls pls help!

Ember Lennep said...

Do u have any tips on how to get the last item in a collection of 8?  I can always get the 1st 7 rather easily, but never the last 1 without spending a ridiculous amount of BPs!

Karategirl1204 said...

A better way instead of just voting is click on your friends name again to the right and your friend comes up again and two new competitors with your friend. You can then vote for just your friend.

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