Fighting Tips and Tricks

This Strategy Guide is intended to help players become better attackers and/or defenders.

Choosing a Character Type

When you first start your character, you should decide fairly quickly what type of character you want to be. If you like a lot of action, fighting and drama, then you are probably going to want to be an attacker. If you’re more of a truce talker than a problem starter and don’t like fighting and drama, then you will probably want to organize more events. Once you decide what you want to be, you can choose the appropriate path below to create the type of character you want to have.

As an attacker, you will want to find a balance between charm, popularity, stamina AND confidence. The following method is a suggestion for dispensing skill points when you level up:
2 charm, 1 popularity
1 stamina, 1 popularity
1 charm, 1 popularity, 1 your choice (conf, energy, charm or pop)
Rotate between these

Once you get about 5-7 stamina, stop. More stamina than that and you’re going to make yourself weak because they take 2 points each and you’ll be taking away from more important areas. If you feel comfortable with the amount of fights you’re winning vs losing, and you want to add more stam, then go for it. Just don’t neglect charm and popularity.

I would put as few points into energy as possible. The more you put in energy, the weaker you will be because those are points that you are taking away from the other more important areas. However, some energy is good because with the addition of masteries, you can gain more skill points. Just don’t go overboard with energy.

Confidence is a double-edged sword. On one hand, if you only have 100 confidence, and the person you are attacking has high confidence, you can ATM them more times before they go to the spa. The downside is that you won’t be able to depress as many people with low max confidence. If you have high confidence, you won’t be able to hit ATMs as many times. But, youwill be able to depress more people if you have higher confidence. You have to decide what’s more important to you – money or the girls depressed stat on your page.

Even though you’re an attacker, you STILL should keep your popularity at 1.5 times your level or higher. So, if you’re level 50, your popularity should be 75 or higher because attackers have a 1.4 advantage over defenders. Also, glam favors charm more than popularity. If you don’t care about losing fights when others attack you, then fine… keep it low. But most attackers who do this end up regretting it when they get into the higher levels because most people have to turn their attackers into hybrids around level 75 or so, and if you have completely neglected pop, it’s going to be VERY hard for you to attack at the higher levels because you’ll constantly be in the spa because people will constantly be attacking you and you will lose too much confidence to be able to get any attacks in. Another reason is that you can choose who you attack, but you cannot choose who attacks you. And, if you have low popularity, you WILL lose money when people attack you (you can’t be on ALL the time to bank your money), and if you don’t want to be their ATM, you’d better have a good defense.

For your glam, you will need both high charm AND high popularity glam. Just remember that quantity is more important than quality until you have all of your sisters glammed up. Then, you can start getting items with better charm/popularity.

Courtesy of Sorority Life Blog.


Agathe said...

Please, i need your help, i'm always loosig against others girls:(...
Charm 50
energy 576
confidence 1918
stamina 53

where do i must put my skill point ? Or which glam i need to be more stronger ?
TY for answer !!!!

Racheal McGillivary said...

I would say not to put anymore points into energy, conf, or stamina, just focus of popularity and charm, your well above on the rest. Think of your popularity as your shield, and your charm as a sword. if you're that high of a level, then with these stats, it's like you are holding a shield made of foam, and a paper sword. Try to level up your popularity first, since you are more concerned with protecting yourself against attacks. Then, worry about Charm, unless you plan on never fighting. But, the plus side of having a higher charm is you also gain more points in Philanthropies, and Intramurals. Hope this helps!

Paola-rodi1995 said...

One thing I don't think is fair about fighting is that you can take your own name off the burn list, and steal the person who put you on there in the first place's money. I mean, what is up with that? Sorority Life is messed up on many levels, and I'm just about to quit it cold turkey. 

mira said...

put in your popularity more..never add ur skills point to confidence or energy..u have items to get those but for popularity, u didn't have any item to increase it, so, just ut ur skils point in those popularity n charm only..=) i hope u understand what i mumbling here..=P

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