Take a side trip to Hong Kong!

You must complete Diamond Mastery for the Seven star Park event before you can do events in Hong Kong.
Check out the rewards you get when you complete each level..
The Clubbing in Lan Kwai Fong
Bronze : 100 influence
Silver: 500$
Gold: 600$
Platinum: 1 brownie point
Diamond: China pop  star necklace (charm 18, pop 10)

Film a HK-Pop Music Video
Bronze: 750$
Silver: 100$
Gold: 1000$
Platinum: 1 bp
Diamond: China pop  star hair (charm 10, pop 22)

Attend the Music Video after party
Bronze: ¥1500
Silver: ¥1750
Gold: 1 brownie point
Platinum: 1 boarder
Diamond: China pop  star shoes (charm 17, pop 11)

Hong Kong Karaoke 
Bronze: ¥2000
Silver: ¥2500
Gold: 1 skill point 
Platinum: 1 brownie point
Diamond: Microphone (charm 17, pop 12)

Hong Kong Karaoke Competition
Bronze: 500 influence
Silver: ¥2500
Gold:  ¥3000
Platinum: 1 skill point 
Diamond: China Pop Star Costume (charm 23, pop 13)


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